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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cook Library Hours

Of the several universities in Mississippi, USM's Cook Library has the earliest closing hours in the state. Although the library is open 24 hours during finals week, many students find the need for an operational library during the rest of the weeks during the semester. During midterms, for example, there are not extended hours, and midterms often count for the same percentage as the final exam. Also, when students have papers due the next morning, they are often found working on them at the last minute. While this behavior is not to be encouraged, it must be respected that students keep different hours than most normal 9-to-5 citizens.

Many students in college, myself included, work 40+ hour per week jobs while they attend classes, and many of these jobs include the restaurant business. As restaurants close so late, it makes it impossible for these students to complete homework if they need a computer, printer, or even just a space to study, since many people either live in dorms or apartments with close quarters and roommates to consider. As a campus is built specifically to cater to the academic needs of students, it should be noted that the library closing at 12am is often not late enough to suffice. Some other universities with later hours during the semester include Mississippi State University. The library closes at 1:45 Sunday through Thursday. While it would cost more to keep staff at the library later at night, it could prove to be beneficial to students' grades.

MSU Library Hours

Joseph Cook Library

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